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Brooke Tree Service provides professional tree and shrub fertilization services in the Millis, Medfield, Holliston, Sherborn, and surrounding areas. Our expert arborist uses only high-quality fertilizer to ensure your trees remain healthy and vibrant throughout the year. Contact us today at (508) 613-5044 to schedule an excellent service at a reasonable price.

Tree and shrub fertilization is the process of adding essential nutrients to the soil around trees and shrubs to help them grow healthy. Fertilizer is composed of various macronutrients, micronutrients, and other additives that provide nourishment for plants. 

Give Your Trees a Boost of Nutrients for Optimal Growth and Health

Tree and shrub fertilization services are important to have done regularly to maintain healthy trees, improve their growth and appearance, and keep them looking great for years to come. Regular fertilization will not only make your yard look beautiful, but it can also help protect against diseases and insects that may threaten the health of your plants. 

The Benefits of Tree and Shrub Fertilization

Regular fertilization should be a part of yard and lawn care plans to ensure that your plants remain healthy, strong, and resilient. Below are some of the primary benefits that come with tree and shrub fertilization: 

Stronger Root Systems

Fertilization can help to strengthen tree and shrub roots during the dormant season, allowing them to better withstand environmental hazards. This increased stability can help trees and shrubs survive through rough weather conditions, leading to a healthier plant overall. 

Increased Growth

Fertilization can also help to promote healthy and vibrant growth in trees and shrubs. Fertilizers provide essential nutrients that the soil may be lacking, allowing plants to reach their full potential while providing lush foliage during warm season months.

Healthier Plants 

Regular fertilization also ensures that trees and shrubs are provided with all the necessary nutrients to maintain their health. This can help them to prevent infection, as well as revive any nutrient deficiency caused by environmental hazards or other factors. 

Signs That Your Tree Needs Fertilizer

It’s important to recognize the signs that tell when it’s time to fertilize your tree and help it thrive. Here are a few warning signs to look out for: 

Smaller Leaves

A sure sign of nutrient deficiency is when the leaves of your tree appear smaller than normal. Smaller leaves could be an indication that your tree needs fertilizer to replenish its strength.

Dying Branches 

If you notice any dying or dead branches on your tree, it’s time to consider fertilizing. This can help revive the tree and bring life back into its branches.

Dropped Leaves During the Growing Season 

If your tree is dropping leaves during its growing season, it could be lacking in essential nutrients or minerals. Fertilizing can help replenish these and prevent further leaf drops. 

Thin Foliage 

If your tree’s foliage appears thin and sparse, it could be a sign that the tree needs fertilizer. Fertilizers can help promote thicker foliage and healthier growth. 

Slower Growth 

Trees that grow more slowly than normal may need a boost of nutrients to reach their full potential. Fertilizing your tree can help provide these vital nutrients and aid in healthy growth. 

Yellowish Leaves 

If the leaves on your tree appear to be yellowed or discolored, it could mean the soil lacks sufficient nutrition. Fertilizing can help bring back the green color of your tree’s leaves and give it a much-needed boost of nutrients.

Young Trees

It’s especially important to keep young trees well-fertilized, as they need the extra nutrients and minerals to grow properly. Regular fertilizer applications can help young trees develop strong root systems, thick foliage, and healthy growth. 

Larger Trees

Although large trees may not require as frequent fertilization,  it’s still important to give them a boost of nutrients now and then. Fertilizing old and mature trees can help to maintain their health and protect them from disease and infection. 

The Right Timing for Tree Fertilization

Experience Maximum Benefits with the Right Timing for Tree Fertilization 

Fertilizing trees at the right time helps to ensure their overall health and growth. During spring, fertilizers should be applied to boost the tree’s growth for summer. In fall, fertilization replenishes the soil with essential nutrients lost during the summer season and provides nutrition for winter survival. 

Winter is not ideal for fertilizer application as the ground is frozen, making it difficult for water-soluble fertilizers to reach tree roots. Thus, timing is essential when it comes to an effective fertilizer program and should be done at the right time of year for maximum benefit to trees. 

Why Choose a Qualified Arborist for Tree and Shrub Fertilization in Millis, MA

Get Professional Help for Optimal Care of Your Trees and Shrubs

When it comes to fertilizing trees and shrubs, the best approach is to enlist the help of a qualified arborist. A certified tree care professional knows exactly how much fertilizer to apply and when providing your trees with just the right amount for optimal health and growth. 

They also understand which type of fertilizer works best for each species of tree and can customize a program to meet the needs of your particular trees. In addition, they can help identify any nutrient deficiencies that may be preventing your trees from reaching their full potential. With an experienced arborist on board, you can rest assured knowing that your trees are getting the nutrients they need to look their best. 

Brooke Tree Service: Quality Tree Fertilization Services in Millis, MA

Brooke Tree Service is a professional tree company that offers dependable tree services to both residential and commercial clients. We specialize in tree trimming, tree removal, stump grinding, and fertilization services. Our goal is to ensure that your landscape looks its best while also protecting it from damaging pests, fungi, poison ivy, and other potential threats. 

We use only the highest quality fertilizers and can customize a fertilizer program to meet the needs of your trees. We pride ourselves on our great customer service, attention to detail, quality workmanship, and excellent job results.

Whether you want several trees removed, just a few trees trimmed, or need an entire landscape fertilized, we have experienced professionals to get the job done right. Contact us at (508) 613-5044 for more information about our tree fertilization services in the greater Millis, MA, and the surrounding area. We look forward to helping you keep your trees healthy and green.


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