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Brooke Tree Service offers reliable and effective tree cabling & bracing services to residents of Millis, Sherborn, Dover, Medfield, and surrounding areas. With 15 years of experience in the industry and certified arborists on staff, you can trust Brooke Tree Service to provide quality results that will help keep your trees healthy and strong. Contact us today at (508) 613-5044 to get started! 

Trees are a vital part of any landscape and can add beauty, shade, and support to your yard. Unfortunately, trees can become damaged or weakened due to age, storms, pests, disease, or other factors that make them more susceptible to injury and falling over. To help protect you and your property from the dangers of falling trees, tree cabling & bracing is an important preventive measures. 

Ensure the Safety and Longevity of Trees with Brooke Tree Service

Flexible cables are used on the upper crown and tree limbs that are weak or damaged due to age, storms, pests, diseases, or any other factors. They provide a support system to the tree and can prevent it from falling over in strong winds or during a storm. Additionally, braces can be used on trunks of trees with weak root systems to help keep them upright and healthy.  

Tree cabling & bracing is a safe, effective, and cost-efficient solution to prevent tree falls. A qualified arborist can inspect your trees, recommend cabling and/or bracing if needed and help you take proper action. Properly installed cables and braces are designed to last for many years as long as they are maintained and checked regularly. 

Tree Cabling and Bracing in Millis, MA: Signs and Considerations. 

Cabling and Bracing are indispensable for maintaining a tree’s structural integrity; therefore, it is important to be aware of these tell-tale signs and considerations:

Signs Your Trees Require Additional Support

Weak Branches

If your tree’s branches are drooping, sagging, or weakly attached to the trunk of the tree, this may be an indication that the tree needs additional support from cabling and bracing. 

Storm Damage

If your tree has sustained any storm damage, it could potentially cause property damage or injury if left unaddressed.

Weight Imbalance

If one side of a tree is weighed down heavily due to one or more branches that are considerably larger than the other side, it may be necessary to cable and brace the tree to help improve its stability. 


Older trees may need extra support as their roots become weaker over time and make the tree more susceptible to falling. 

V-crotch Stem

Trees with V-crotch in the trunk can be particularly vulnerable to splitting or falling over. 

Considerations for Tree Cabling and Bracing

Tree cabling and bracing can be a relatively easy and affordable solution to many of these problems. However, there are some important considerations to keep in mind before undertaking the cabling and bracing process. 

Location for Cabling and Bracing 

The location of the cabling and bracing is a crucial factor to consider. The cables should be placed in areas that are strong enough to support the weight of the tree and prevent it from falling over. 

Proper Installation

Improperly installed cables can damage the tree and increase the risk of failure instead of reducing them. The hardware should be strong and durable, specifically for supporting trees. It’s also important to make sure the cables are not too tight. Tightening them excessively can damage the tree and impair its growth. 

Regular Inspection

Once the cabling and bracing system is installed, it’s important to get them serviced regularly by a trusted tree company. This ensures that all cables are in proper working condition and can provide the necessary support for your tree. 

Benefits of Tree Cabling and Bracing in Millis, MA

Tree cabling and bracing offer the following benefits to all trees of all sizes, from large mature trees to smaller saplings. 

  • Restore the structural integrity of the tree
  • Prolong the life of a tree damaged due to the elements
  • Prevent potential damage that a multi-stem or thick canopy tree can cause
  • Alleviate the risk of potential tree removal
  • Encourage long-term tree health and growth
  • Reduce the risk of structural failure in dangerous trees due to storms, winds, pests, or diseases. 

DIY Tree Cabling and Bracing: Why its Best to Leave It to the Pro

Tree cabling and bracing may seem like a simple DIY job, but it’s best to leave it to the professionals. Cabling and bracing require knowledge and experience for them to be properly installed. The wrong cables or hardware can damage the tree instead of protecting it, leading to costly repairs that can significantly reduce its lifespan. 

When it comes to trees, the expertise of a certified arborist is invaluable. They can assess any weak spots and weigh the pros and cons of setting up cable or braces support systems. If there is little benefit in implementing these systems, then they will recommend removing the tree altogether.

The process of tree cabling involves climbing the tree and using specialized equipment like cables, harnesses, pulleys, and professional-grade helmets. In addition to understanding the various cabling techniques and their proper placement, arborists also have access to quality and professional-grade cabling supplies that are not available for use by the average person. 

Brooke Tree Service: Top Tier Tree Care Providers in Millis, Sherborn, and Surrounding Areas

Brooke Tree Service has years of experience providing tree cabling & bracing services to residents in Millis, Sherborn, Dover, Medfield, and surrounding areas. Our certified arborists take the time to inspect your trees for any signs of weakness and provide a custom solution that will help keep them healthy and strong. 

In addition to cabling & bracing services, we also offer a variety of other tree services including crown thinning, tree trimming, land clearing, emergency services, and more. With our team of reliable tree experts and comprehensive range of services, you can rest assured that your trees are in good hands. 

If you need professional tree cabling & bracing services in Millis, MA, then don’t hesitate to contact Brooke Tree Service today at (508) 613-5044. With our supplemental support systems, you can rest assured that your trees will remain safe and stable for years to come. 


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