6 Common Tree Types in Holliston, MA

Massachusetts is a beautiful place. From the ocean to the foothills, it’s hard not to appreciate the arboreal life that makes this state so breathtaking. 

Depending a bit on your definition of a “tree,” Massachusetts is home to more than 80 species, some of which came from other continents. 

As highly rated tree specialists in Holliston, we get plenty of opportunities to see beautiful trees. Seriously, every other hill looks like the front of a postcard, and we have the state’s diverse plant life to thank for that. Let’s look at the six most common tree types!

common tree types

1. Norway Maple

Three guesses where this tree first came from. These trees are easily identifiable by their vibrant, lobed leaves — green in the summer and bright red or yellow in the winter. Each stands between 60 and 100 feet tall, which is great for shade. They have difficulty growing in western climates, making them unique to the northeast. 

2. American Beech

Another popular tree species is the American beech, especially in sloped and rocky areas. If you’ve ever gone backpacking, you’ve probably hiked past groves of them. You’ve also probably sat on one, too. The beech tree’s sturdy woodgrain makes it popular as both furniture and firewood. 

3. Eastern White Pine

This pine tree is one of the most common native types of trees in Holliston. It’s also the tallest, with some reaching up to 200 feet in height!  Eastern white pines are also incredibly long-lived; some in Wells State Park are believed to be older than the United States. If you own an older home, these were also likely used to build it.

4. Red Maple

One of the most well-known tree varieties is the humble red maple. This native tree species is also one of the most frequently planted trees in the area. You can probably guess why: when appropriately tapped, it produces maple syrup. This type of maple is identifiable by its distinctive, five-pronged leaves.

5. Black Cherry

Also known by its tastier name, the whisky cherry, this is one of the most common trees in Holliston and can be seen all over Massachusetts. Interestingly, it’s also made its way over to parts of northern Europe. You can spot this tree by its signature black cherries, which are safe to eat when adequately pitted. Just be sure to keep it away from any pets or animals. 

6. Pitch Pine

You can spot this tree with its large, stiff pine needles. It also produces a lot of resin, giving it a golden waxy coating during hotter parts of the year. The pitch pine was historically used by native Iroquois tribes to treat various injuries, like cuts, boils, and burns. 

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