Why Is the Bark Falling off my Tree in Holliston, MA?

How closely do you look at your trees? Would you notice if some of the bark had begun to fall off more than it did before? You may wonder whether that’s one of the many signs that a tree is dying, and you’d be right a lot of the time, but not always.

Why is the bark falling off my tree? Below are a few considerations from Brooke Tree Service’s trusted tree specialists in Holliston, Massachusetts.

why is the bark falling off my tree

Is Peeling Tree Bark a Bad Sign?

Why is the bark falling off my tree? Peeling bark is a bad sign, and you have good reason to feel concerned. Still, depending on the species of your tree, bark peeling off tree trunks may just be a natural shedding process. 

When you evaluate your tree, pay close attention to the bark that’s still attached to your tree. If there’s plenty of healthy bark around, then the tree bark shedding causes may be due to natural cycles. 

Has the tree bark fallen off due to insects, infection, or severe weather? These are symptoms to watch out for if you’d like to monitor and protect your tree’s health.

Peeling Tree Bark Issues

Understanding tree bark problems is the first step toward getting your tree a proper diagnosis. If you investigate and notice bark deterioration on trees that you own, also look for fungi, which indicates that rotting has begun.

A tree professional can help with your diagnosis and the tree’s treatment plan. Here are some signs that your tree needs help:

  • Heat: Is the bark shedding more after extreme heat? Your tree may be in trouble. Heat waves cause cracks in an unhealthy tree with not enough water.
  • Cold: Just like with heat, if you notice bark peeling during the colder temperatures exclusively, you may need to schedule a consultation with a tree expert. Sudden temperature drops take a toll on an unhealthy tree, causing the bark to drop.
  • Cankers: If you notice cankers on your tree in addition to bark peeling, your tree may need a specialist’s help. Cankers are a clear sign of tree stress. When paired with bark peeling, this can spell trouble for your tree.
  • Dead twigs, branches, and leaves: One of the most common signs that your tree needs help is more leaf and branch litter all around its base. In addition to peeling bark, if you notice any dead twigs or leaves around your tree out of the fall season, it may be dying.

Learn More From Your Local Tree Experts

Now that you know all the reasons for tree bark falling off and which ones you can avoid, why not get your help from the best tree people in the Holliston area? With Brooke Tree Service, you get straight answers about whether a tree is dying and how you can support the tree’s growth. Get the answer to “Why is the bark falling off my tree?” and more by calling us at 508-613-5044 today.


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