What Causes a Tree to Die in Holliston, MA?

Trees exhibit a remarkable resilience that surpasses most other living organisms. They’ve evolved over millions of years to handle just about anything Mother Nature throws at them.  

However, all living things, trees included, have a finite lifespan. While some trees live to maturity, others succumb before reaching their expected useful life. So, what causes a tree to die? As experienced tree specialists in Holliston, the Brooke Tree Service crew explores common tree death causes. 

what causes a tree to die

Causes of Tree Decline and Death  

In most cases, tree mortality results from several conditions taking place simultaneously. The most common tree health decline factors or reasons for tree demise include the following.

Hostile Environmental Conditions  

The ground and site conditions in which a tree grows determine the environmental stressors that a tree faces. Adverse environments (like dry, salty, or poorly draining soils), extreme hot or cold spots, and air and ground pollution, among other concerns, can kill a tree prematurely.  

Many trees adapt well to poor sites, but when planting a tree, you must understand the tree species’ tolerance to environmental conditions.   

Catastrophic Events  

What causes a tree to die? All trees may succumb to catastrophic events such as heavy snowfall, extended drought, strong winds, fires, or floods. For example, some tree species may lose their limbs after heavy snowfall. In many cases, trees affected by these catastrophic events incur damage to the point of losing vigor and attracting insects and disease.  

Harmful Insects and Diseases  

One of the major factors leading to tree mortality is disease. Tree diseases like chestnut blight and Dutch elm disease have killed many trees in North America, to the point of wiping out entire forests in the past half-century. Many other tree diseases like oak wilt, anthracnose, and Armillaria root cost tree and forest owners billions of dollars in losses.  

Harmful and opportunistic insects often invade already stressed or injured trees, causing direct tree death or spreading common tree decay triggers like fungi from a host tree to surrounding trees.  

Old Age  

Even long-lived tree species undergo a health decline once they reach maturity. Over time, a mature tree gradually decomposes, turning into nutrients for future trees as it collapses under its own weight. 

Human Activities  

Trees have and continue to play a crucial role in civilization. As a result, many trees die to meet the ever-growing demand for wood and other tree products.   

As the effects of deforestation become increasingly apparent, environmental bodies across the world continue to intensify efforts to mitigate unrestrained forest depletion and combat the loss of critical tree species.  

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