How to Replant a Small Tree In Your Holliston, MA Yard

Learning how to replant a small tree can save you a fair amount of aggravation by making simple planting mistakes disappear. 

In this post, Brooke Tree Service, the leading tree specialists in Holliston, share the best practices for replanting young trees. With the following steps for successful small tree transplantation, you’ll become an old hand in no time.

how to replant a small tree

Step 1: Prepare the Soil at the New Site

Before moving and reestablishing small trees, you must prepare the new location. The day before you plan to transplant the sapling, dig a hole at the new site. It’s a good idea to dig a hole twice as deep and as wide as the root ball. 

Then, throw in compost so that the hole is only as deep as the root ball. We also recommend watering the tree deeply so that it’s easier to dig up the soil the next day. 

Ensure that the root bulge is above soil level at the new site.

Step 2: Remove the Root Ball

The next step for how to replant a small tree successfully is to measure the trunk’s diameter at its widest point and multiply it by 11. Mark out a circle all around the tree using this figure as the perimeter. Slice directly down into the ground as far as your spade will go until you complete the circle. 

Next, dig just outside this mark to create a wide trench, going down until the roots stop. You should then carefully lever the spade under the root ball to gently lift it onto a burlap sack. 

It’s easiest to slide the sack underneath so that it covers the root ball and use this to remove the tree without everything falling apart.

Don’t Forget To Protect the Roots

Of all the transplanting techniques for young trees, this is the most important: position the ball in the middle of the sack and lift the ends together gently. Then, tie loose knots to hold it together and encase the root ball without crushing it. 

Experts like Brooke Tree Service will usually wrap twine vertically around the sack, attaching it to the trunk. Parallel threads six inches apart (at most) provide support for the root ball. If the tree’s small enough, you can skip the twine and place it on a wheelbarrow. 

Step 3: Replant the Small Tree

The above step keeps the roots together during the move, which is crucial for the tree’s survival. A wheelbarrow is a good hack for safely moving and planting small trees. Still, replanting tips for small tree seedlings also advise moving trees as quickly as possible—the roots shouldn’t dry out. 

When you’re at the new planting site, do the following:

  • Carefully remove the burlap.
  • Position the tree in the center of the hole. 
  • Fill in the soil and compact it.
  • Water it deeply. 

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