When Do Trees Need Fertilizer in Holliston, MA?

Do trees need fertilizer if you live in Holliston, Massachusetts? When?

In this post, Brooke Tree Service’s tree specialists in Holliston talk about when to fertilize your trees to maximize plant nutrition. They also provide a few gardening tips if you’re looking to get your landscape maintenance in line.

do trees need fertilizer

Why Fertilize Your Trees?

You know that you need to prepare the soil before tree planting to give the roots a chance to grow. However, won’t the plant be self-sufficient once its root system establishes itself? In an ideal world, it would be, but the way we grow trees today is far from ideal. 

Outside of the forests they’re meant to live in, there’s little decaying plant matter to replenish soil nutrients for trees. That’s why your trees in Massachusetts and elsewhere need a regular fertilizer application to remain healthy and strong.

Still, the trick is to time it perfectly. 

Do Your Trees Need a Feed? 

Do trees need fertilizer all the time? No. Let’s look at tree fertilization guidelines to see why there’s no one-size-fits-all answer here.

Tree fertilization needs have many factors at play, such as: 

  • How much rain you’ve had
  • Soil type
  • Other plants around the tree

Adding too much fertilizer can burn the roots, so arborists like Brooke Tree Service will typically recommend testing the soil for deficiencies before adding any nutrients. Alternatively, you can dig in organic compost and allow the tree to draw nutrients from that.

Copious amounts of research on the nutrients your tree species needs also helps. Fruit trees, for example, usually need more nutrients at certain times of the year when they’re producing fruit, which is energy-intensive.

How and When to Fertilize Trees

When you know what nutrients your tree needs, you can apply the right fertilizer mix. Here are a few expert tips for how to apply the fertilizer:

  • Spread it out evenly over the surface, at least until the end of the dripline. 
  • Where possible, choose an organic product that’s free of pesticides. 
  • You don’t need to dig it in—wait for rain or water the ground well.

When should you fertilize your Holliston tree specimens? Most gardeners fertilize in the early spring before the growing season starts. However, the industry’s attitudes around this are shifting, with some experts now suggesting that it’s better to apply fertilizer in the late fall, after the first severe frost. 

This makes sense for deciduous trees in Holliston, as they’ll have dropped their leaves by then and can focus their energy on healing damage and resisting disease. The extra nutrients don’t go to waste as the tree stores them in its root system, as well. 

If you want to hedge your bets, test the soil in spring and fall or use an organic mulch to introduce nutrients slowly throughout the year.

Contact Our Tree Care Team for the Right Advice

Do trees need fertilizer? Yes, and evaluating tree health should reveal whether you’ve got the timing right for your trees in Holliston and elsewhere. 

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