What Is Tree Surgery and When Is It Necessary in Holliston, MA?

What is tree surgery? If you’re a gardening enthusiast who came across this term and it sparked your curiosity, this blog post is for you.

As the go-to tree specialists in Holliston, our team at Brooke Tree Service has in-depth knowledge and experience on the latest arborist practices. Keep reading as we slice into the subject and help you discover new ways to improve your living landscape.

What’s a Tree Surgeon?

A tree surgeon, or arborist, is a bona fide green-thumbed professional who knows how to manage and maintain trees, shrubs, and other woody plants. You can think of them as doctors for specific flora.

Arborists typically have degrees in forestry, horticulture, and other related fields. Once they graduate, they undertake rigorous training for practical experience. The International Society of Arboriculture and other prestigious organizations offer certification exams to validate their expertise.

Types of Tree Surgical Procedures

What is tree surgery? It can mean various arboriculture services, all designed to keep trees healthy and landscapes beautiful:

  • Felling: This is the process of cutting down a tree when it’s dead or because it poses a risk to its surroundings. It’s a job for the experts, as it requires precision, training, and a clear understanding of safety measures. 
  • Stump removal: After removing the main body of the tree, a stubborn stump often remains behind. A professional tree surgery crew can grind down and remove them and give your yard a clean slate.
  • Pruning: Pruning involves slicing away dead, diseased, or overgrown branches. The goal is to improve the tree’s health, stimulate growth, and enhance its appearance. Your surgeon can help with standard pruning, pollarding, crown lifting, and more.
  • Planting: Whether it’s planting a new sapling or replanting a small tree, tree planting is a science that requires knowledge about the species, its specific needs, and the soil and weather conditions of the area. Understanding the nuances of replanting, such as root care and site selection, is crucial for the tree’s survival and growth.
  • Relocation: Do you have a specimen that could benefit from a change of scenery, or maybe a construction project necessitates a move? Adept arborists can move it to a new spot with minimal stress and damage.

Why Seek Professional Tree Surgery?

Trees are a significant investment that can take decades to reach maturity. Beyond the boost in your yard’s visual appeal, they also bring many worthwhile advantages:

  • Shade for the hot summer months
  • Improved property value
  • A home for birdlife and other critters
  • Reduced carbon footprint
  • Cheaper energy bills as trees can provide natural insulation for nearby structures

Why risk your specimen’s health and vitality with an unqualified, fly-by-night operation? A tree care surgery expert with proven credentials and a sterling reputation can provide peace of mind.

Consult a Local Arborist

What is tree surgery? Partner with Brooke Tree Service and see for yourself. 

Our crew remains well-versed in the latest tree surgeon techniques to ensure your verdant companions lead a long, healthy life. We also provide removal services when the tree endangers surrounding structures or becomes a safety hazard.

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