How to Cut a Leaning Tree

Leaning trees can pose a significant safety hazard, especially if large or near property. If you have a leaning tree on your property, you want to hire a professional to assess its condition and remove it if necessary.   

However, if you know how to fell trees and plan to cut the leaning tree yourself, you must adhere to several safety precautions that will minimize the risk of the tree falling on your property or causing injuries.

In this post, we’ll outline a step-by-step guide on how to cut a leaning tree as discussed by tree removal experts in Natick, MA.  

how to cut a leaning tree

Step 1: Assess The Tree  

Check for signs of decay, such as cracks or holes in the trunk. If you notice any symptoms of decay, hire a professional to remove the tree.  

Step 2: Exercise Caution  

Use a sharp and properly functioning chainsaw  

  • Always wear protective gear such as a helmet, safety glasses, gloves, and protective shoes when using a chainsaw  
  • Clear the area around the tree of people and property  
  • Use a safety harness if working from an elevated platform or ladder  
  • Have someone stand by to watch for any hazards such as falling branches  
  • Make sure you have at least two escape routes  

Step 3: Make the Felling Cut  

This refers to the first cut typically made on the side of the tree you want it to fall. With a leaning tree, you want to make a shallow but steep felling cut. Next, create a “hinge” by making a cut about two inches above and behind the base of the face cut.  

Plumb the saw through the trunk and leave about one to two inches of trunk thickness horizontally.  

Step 4: Make the Back Cut  

Make this cut on the opposite side of the felling cut, leaving about two inches of trunk on that opposite side intact to form the “trigger.” Avoid leaving too much hinge or too little trigger as that may cause the tree to splinter.  

Step 5: Make the Final Cut  

Once you confirm the trunk is only intact at the hinge and trigger, cut through the trigger, and the tree should start to fall. Be ready to jump and run to safety because anything can go wrong.  

Hire a Professional  

Rather than cut the tree yourself, consult a tree removal expert. Besides having the skill and equipment to do the job right, an expert will have sufficient insurance to cover any damage or injuries incurred during the tree removal project.  

A certified arborist will also assess the tree’s overall health and recommend the best course of action. 

Trust Your Local Tree Experts

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