A Detailed Guide to Comprehensive Tree Health Evaluations

Identifying tree issues before they take hold isn’t easy. As such, many Holliston homeowners hire tree health evaluation services to assess their tree’s health, structure, and more to ensure they remain in excellent condition year-round. Brooke Tree Service put together a comprehensive guide to tree health evaluations to help you keep your trees in tip-top shape throughout the year.

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What Is a Tree Health Evaluation?

A tree health evaluation includes a thorough tree assessment that helps homeowners identify and resolve problems before they become more significant. A professional arborist examines the tree to uncover structural issues, pests, diseases, and other problems that could harm the tree. They also ensure the tree is structurally sound and doesn’t pose a safety concern that could jeopardize your property or family’s well-being.

Your Tree Health Evaluation Checklist

A high-quality tree health evaluation includes various tasks to guarantee a safe, healthy, and attractive tree. Always ensure an arborist performs the following during their tree assessment:

Root Analysis

Trees must have healthy roots. They transport nutrients and water from the soil into the tree’s leaves, limbs, and trunk, allowing the trees to grow strong and healthy.

During a tree examination, the arborist will examine the tree’s roots to identify illnesses and stability issues, including problems like constricting tree roots, which can impede the tree’s growth and health.

Uncover Pests and Diseases

In addition to identifying pest infestations and diseases, experienced arborists often perform tree surgery to address these issues effectively. By examining the tree’s structure and leaves, they can swiftly eradicate pests and tree ailments, preserving the tree’s well-being. They conduct a diagnostic analysis and take preventive measures to stop future infestations.

Professional tree examinations make up one of the best pest and disease management services since they can uncover problems early and prevent them later on.

Environmental Monitoring

Sometimes, tumultuous weather can negatively affect the environment, causing shifting soil, flooding, and more. During tree assessments, an arborist will examine the tree’s surroundings and ensure the environment doesn’t create safety concerns. If they believe the tree or environment poses a safety threat, they will help you improve the area or remove the tree before it becomes a serious risk.

Tree Damage

Trunk and limb damage can drastically reduce a tree’s structural integrity and increase the chances of it falling over or dying prematurely. A tree specialist will assess tree damage and help the tree recover. 

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