Most Common Tree Diseases: Symptoms, Causes, and Treatments

Trees can contract various diseases that adversely affect their appearance, lifespan, and overall well-being. However, many Holliston residents don’t know about these diseases or how to identify and treat them once they take hold. That’s why Brooke Tree Service is here to explain the most common tree diseases, their causes, and effective treatments for each condition.

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Three Common Tree Diseases

Tree diseases come in many forms and can have disastrous effects on their health, durability, and more. However, once you know how to identify early disease symptoms, you can nurse your tree back to health and protect others before the ailment spreads. Consider conducting a tree health evaluation to assess the overall well-being of your trees and address any potential issues proactively. Below are some of the most common tree diseases in the United States: 

1. Annosus Root Rot

Annosus root rot is an exceedingly common coniferous disease that flourishes from December to March. Although slash and loblolly pines are the most vulnerable to annosus root rot, they can affect all southern pine tree species. The disease causes extensive damage and generates numerous conks around the tree’s base.

Since annosus root rot enters trees through wounds, especially in cuts around the stump, pruning your trees at the right time (usually early spring and late winter) can diminish infections. If you already have an infected tree, stump treatment will improve the tree’s health and potentially eradicate the disease.

2. Laurel Wilt Disease

Laurel wilt disease is a fatal ailment found in laurel tree species. It forms when the redbay ambrosia beetle transmits a fungus called Raffaelea lauricola to a tree, causing blockages within the tree’s water-conducting cells. 

Infected trees feature wilted and discolored foliage that often falls off over time. Like heart rot, laurel wilt disease isn’t curable and will eventually kill the tree. However, since the disease spreads through the redbay ambrosia beetle, effective pest control can prevent infection.

3. Heart Rot

Heart rot is an exceedingly common disease that kills around 75% of merchantable hardwood timber in southern regions. Fungal infections, including those like black fungus, typically cause the disease. Knowing how to get rid of black fungus and similar pathogens is crucial in managing heart rot, which results in immense rot and decay.

Unfortunately, Heart rot isn’t curable. It’s best to remove the tree before the disease becomes more significant.

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