The Right Way To Remove Tree Roots

Learning how to remove tree roots properly is a useful skill. By using the correct techniques, you can control an unruly root system without killing the tree. In this post, Brooke Tree Service, your reliable tree removal company in Natick, MA, explains how to complete this task correctly. 

remove tree roots

When Do You Need To Remove Tree Roots? 

A tree with healthy bark, branches, and roots thrives. However, sometimes these components can grow out of hand. When branches grow too close to structures or tangle up in one another, pruning is the ideal way to solve the issue. 

You can also prune a tree root, but you need to be a little more careful about how far you take the process. If you remove tree roots without careful planning, you can destabilize or kill your tree. 

The roots can account for more than half of the overall tree structure, making trimming them a complex task. You should do this as a last resort. If you have to remove large roots, it’s better to call in a tree service. 

When Is the Best Time To Remove Roots?

Where possible, remove the roots in the dormant season and in colder weather. It’s better to work when there are fewer pathogens and fungal spores in the air. However, you’ll need to complete the task before the ground freezes, so fall is usually the best time. 

How To Remove Tree Roots

You need nice sharp, clean tools to cut the roots, like: 

  • A grubbing hoe
  • Branch loppers
  • A root saw
  • A reciprocating saw 

You’ll also need safety equipment like protective boots, glasses, and gloves. Then, follow these steps. 

1. Mark Where the Utilities Are

You can usually call a utility marking service to do this for free. If not, check the property plans and see where the sewer, electrical, and water lines are. 

2. Trace the Root

Follow the offending root back toward the tree to mark the cutting point. This should be as far away from the trunk as possible to achieve your goal. 

3. Expose the Root

Carefully remove the soil around the root from the cutting point outward. Clear the area on either side of this point so you can reach the root. Prop it up slightly to make it easier to cut. 

4. Cut the Root

Slice through the root cleanly, leaving a smooth edge, and then dig up the dismembered section. Discard it and fill the hole. 

5. Help Your Tree Recover

Make sure your tree has enough water in the coming weeks. You can also mulch the area to protect the roots, but lay off fertilizers for now as they may burn the wounded tissue. Try to avoid disturbing the soil for the next few weeks. 

Contact Us for Help Removing Tree Roots

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