How Far Apart to Space Fruit Trees?

People often wonder how far apart to space fruit trees. It’s understandable because looking after your trees starts with placing them perfectly. In this post, Brooke Tree Service, your reliable tree service in Dover, MA, answers this question in more detail. 

how far apart to space fruit trees

First, Decide on Your Goals

The good news is that you have a lot of wiggle room, even in a smaller yard. You can opt for dwarf and semi-dwarf species or high-density spacing to save space. You can also go beyond tree size and create espaliers or hedges so that the tree performs two functions. 

For example, you could use a fruit tree hedge for privacy along your property’s perimeter. Naturally, doing this means sacrificing some production, but clarifying your goals makes it easier to manage your expectations. 

High-Density Tree Spacing

With the right pruning techniques and species, like dwarf apple trees, for example, you can save space with these techniques: 

  • The Cordon Espalier Technique is where you have a single column for a tree and short branches. You can space your trees between 18 and 24 inches apart. 
  • The Horizontal Espalier Technique is where you train your tree to grow along a trellis, as a vine does. Instead of the canopy bushing out, it grows flat. This makes clever use of vertical spaces, allowing you to plant the trees four to five feet apart, with them requiring very little depth. It’s also a very attractive and artistic technique. 
  • You can use a technique known as single-hole planting to put between two and four trees in the same space. You will need to prune the trees carefully, but the competition for resources will make them smaller than normal. This is best with avocados and citrus trees. 
  • Hedging is a common technique we use with citrus trees. You can plant the trees about three feet apart to make a nice hedge. The upside is that trimming is much easier, although you will need to prune more often than normal to maintain a neat shape. 

Standard Spacing

Here’s how far apart to space fruit trees if you have plenty of room. Research the tree’s maximum height and space the trees at least this far apart. You can add an extra three to five feet for pathways. 

So, if you plant a cherry tree that grows 20-30 feet, space it 23 or 25 to 33 or 35 feet from the next in line. 

This method takes up the most surface area but is also the safest way to be sure that your trees have enough room. They’re also helpful guidelines if you want to plant a tree near your home, a pathway, or another structure. 

If you’re in doubt, you can always call in an arborist for advice. 

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