What Trees Should Not Be Planted Close to a House?

Planting trees close to your house brings many benefits. They’ll make your home look more attractive and boost its overall value. Some trees are good at providing shade during hot weather and others act as windbreaks. 

However, certain tree species can prove dangerous near your house. Some will damage your foundation. The branches may also run against your walls or roof, causing damage. 

So, what trees should not be planted close to a house? Here are five tree species you should avoid, as advised by tree removal experts in Millis, MA:  

what trees should not be planted close to a house

Oak Trees

Oak trees are the most notorious when it comes to foundation damage. They’re responsible for over 10% of foundation damage resulting from tree roots. 

These trees have large shallow roots that grow laterally. The strong, fast-growing roots absorb copious amounts of water, which can lead to serious land subsidence. 

Silver Maple Trees

Ask any experienced arborist about what trees should be planted close to a house. They would hardly forget to mention silver maple trees. This fast-growing tree species is quite unforgiving to buildings. 

It can grow up to 70 feet tall and up to two feet wide. Silver maples are beautiful to have in your yard. Sadly, their roots can grow above ground if you give them adequate space. You certainly wouldn’t want such an unsightly look on your property. 

Ash Trees

When choosing trees to plant near your house, you should avoid ash trees. Their roots absorb a lot of moisture, which can cause severe subsidence

Some ash trees can reach up to 30 feet tall, with roots spreading as much as 30 feet wide. Such roots can find their way under your foundation and force it upward. The resulting structural heaving can cost you thousands of dollars to fix. 

American Elm Trees

Many homeowners have suffered costly sidewalk and driveway damage thanks to the American Elm’s shallow roots. You certainly don’t want to be the next victim. So, avoid planting these trees near your home, particularly if you have a small yard. 

Poplar Trees

Poplar trees are also not friendly to buildings. They have shallow root systems that develop quite rapidly. 

These roots can be so aggressive that they cause cracks in your foundations and sewer pipes. Fixing such damage will set you back thousands of dollars. 

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