Do Dead Branches Hurt a Tree? What You Need to Know

It’s no secret that dead limbs can prevent a tree from looking its best. However, many Dover residents wonder if dead branches can adversely affect a tree’s health. So, do dead branches hurt a tree? 

To answer this question and more, Brooke Tree Service is here to teach you if dead tree branches can negatively impact your property’s trees.

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do dead branches hurt a tree

What You Need to Know About Dead Tree Branches

So, do dead branches hurt a tree?

Dead tree branches don’t just hinder a tree’s visual appeal. They can also cause several other issues that can jeopardize the tree’s overall health. Dead branches leave trees prone to numerous diseases while making them more susceptible to pests.

Dead limbs can also fall unexpectedly, damaging your property or causing significant injuries if it falls on someone.

That’s why professional arborists recommend trimming dead branches before they affect the tree. Routine tree trimming provides numerous benefits, ranging from increased appearance to enhanced nutrient intake.

That said, it’s best to hire a professional tree trimming service since improper pruning can damage the tree. Always contact an experienced arborist to handle the process and ensure proper pruning and an appealing final product.

When To Hire a Professional Tree Trimming Service

Most experts agree that winter and early spring is the best time to prune trees and remove dead branches. Trees become dormant during the winter and pruning them during this time promotes new growth once warm temperatures arrive. 

Try to avoid pruning your trees during summer and fall. Trimming during these seasons can decrease the tree’s nutrient intake, stunting perfectly healthy trees’ growth. Pruning during the fall can also increase the chances of the tree catching a disease, so always schedule tree trimming when the trees are still dormant.

How to Identify Dead Branches

Identifying dead tree limbs isn’t always easy. However, snapping a small twig off a branch and examining its interior structure will help you spot dead tree limbs. 

Dead limbs have a dry, brown inside and are very easy to remove from a tree. Conversely, healthy branches are much more flexible and have a greener, healthier-looking interior.

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