Best Time of Year to Hire Tree Service: Factors to Consider

Keeping your yard and trees in peak condition is essential, but hiring professionals for the job will yield the best results. While you can do many outdoor upkeep tasks on your own, some jobs need expert care. Learn about the best time of year to hire tree service professionals in this guide.

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best time of year to hire tree service

Why Do You Need Tree Services?

Tree services of any kind keep your yard looking beautiful and your trees healthy, safe, and in optimal condition.

There are several tree services you can book, depending on the type of tree you have and its condition. For example, dead and diseased trees likely require removal, while healthy, unruly trees likely need pruning or trimming. Regardless, there is a best time of year to hire tree service professionals for each of these tasks, and knowing when those are can be extremely helpful.

Trees can become unsafe and dangerous, especially if they’re close to falling on your home. Don’t let them get to that point before calling professionals to get the job done correctly and carefully. 

The Best Time of Year for Tree Removal, Trimming, and Pruning

Consider three of the most popular tree services and the optimal times of year to schedule them.

Tree Removal Services

The most logical and cheapest time of year for tree removal is during the winter months. This is the dormant season for most trees and where they’re not as vulnerable. However, it’s not a good idea to start removing numerous trees without good reason as it can be damaging for other plant life around it.

You could possibly help trees that are facing problems with trimming or pruning. We do recommend removing those that are decayed, full of disease, and hamring the other trees surrounding them.

Tree Trimming Services

Trimming trees at the end of winter helps them heal during the spring. Also, trees are more bare in the winter so you can detect problematic spots or locations to trim much easier. Cleaning up fragile and dead areas can improve your trees in the future.

Tree Pruning Services

Winter snow causes broken and unhealthy tree branches, making it vital to trim them for the health of the tree. Pruning services are ideal in the early months of spring because trees need a fair amount of time to heal from the cuts. Like with other tree services, fall is the worst possible time to work on a tree as it’s in its most vulnerable state, can leak sap, and face serious damage.

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  • Tree Planting
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  • Tree Trimming
  • Stump Grinding

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