Tree Trimming And Tree Pruning – What You Must Know

Confused about tree trimming and tree pruning? Read on further and discover the difference and make the process easier. 

Whether you are a real estate owner or a homeowner with an extended yard, there must be a time when you have thought about tree pruning or trimming. If you have already practiced both, you must be familiar with the basic difference. In case you are new to both terms, we can help in understanding these tree maintenance processes. 

Both tree trimming and tree pruning picture a similar picture in mind, but factually both possess identical differences. It is important to note that both of these processes are done at different phases and times due to their relevance in each season.

What Is Tree Trimming

Generally, trimming is done to maintain the aesthetic look of trees. It helps the trees, hedges, and shrubs to look neat. Trimming also helps in the healthy growth of the trees without any hindrance. Typically, business owners trim their trees to make their property look sleek and attractive to their clients. Trimming is done with the help of trimmers, shears, or saws, allowing to achieve a better finish.

Trimming is ideally preferred to enhance the outlook of the trees. Apart from the physical appearance, trimming helps clear the dense bushes that may hinder the sunlight and moisture. In a nutshell, tree trimming helps make the landscape well-lit and look beautiful while promoting the healthy growth of the trees. 

When To Trim?

It totally depends upon the growth and species of the tree. Typically, for a fully grown tree, do it at least twice a year; once after the flowering and once before the fall. A quick tip for trimming is to trim right before the tree reaches one foot as it promotes the good health of shrubs. 

Tree Pruning

It is always better to cut off things that may block the growth of others. That’s exactly what pruning is about. It is one of the tree maintenance practices that help the tree to foster further. Pruning is the process of removing/cutting extra branches, leaves, or even roots that are dead or no longer necessary for growth. Pruning can be done with hand shears, lopping shears, or any other equipment that works best with the type of tree. 

There are instances when branches grow into some weird shape or direct towards an unintentional direction that may lead to a hazard. Pruning is followed to avoid such situations and maintain the tree’s healthy growth. It is also helpful in controlling unwanted growth as well. Pruning must be done regularly to provide the tree the right way towards growth. 

When To Prune?

Just like trimming, pruning depends on the species and growth of respective trees. But most of the shrubs and trees need annual pruning. It is important to find the right time for pruning to get the best results. The dormant trees should be trimmed during winters to boost their flowering capacity. 

Tree trimming and tree pruning are critical to maintaining aesthetics and the healthy growth of trees. All you need to understand is when to trim and prune your trees. It is always better to seek assistance from professional tree service experts specializing in trimming and pruning trees. There is an ocean of knowledge you need to gather regarding maintaining a tree’s health. Ensure you do everything under the guidance of an expert to perform all the tasks accordingly.


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