Is It Worth It To Grind A Tree Stump?

After removing a damaged, diseased, dead, or fallen tree from the lawn, homeowners need to decide about what they want to do with the tree stump that stays behind. A leftover tree stump ruins the aesthetics of the landscape and can prove to be extremely dangerous and create problems over time. Stump grinding is an efficient way to eliminate the unwanted tree stump from your property. Most tree removal experts offer stump grinding services as a part of tree care and yard maintenance.

However, several property owners feel hesitant to schedule tree stump removal, wondering if it is worth the investment. This post discusses stump grinding and whether grinding the tree stumps is actually worth it.

What is Stump Grinding?

For stump grinding, professionally trained and experienced arborists use a heavy piece of machinery known as stump grinders to reduce the tree stump to wood chips that can be used as fresh mulch. Stump grinders come in varied sizes and have a powerful, rotating blade to chew away the stump wood till it goes well below the ground level. The size and the location of the tree determine the cost of stump grinding.

Is Stump Grinding Worth It?

Several reasons make a stump grinding project worth the cost and hassles. Here are a few of them:

Protection against pests and diseases

When the tree stump is left to lie in the yard for long, it starts to decay and decompose. Such stumps appeal to pests and insects like termites, ants, rodents, and beetles that can wreak havoc on the surrounding landscape. Rotting wood attracts bugs to the yard and makes it easier for them to invade healthy plants or infest homes. Stump grinding offers protection from unwanted and annoying pests.

Avoid accidents and inconvenience

Trees stumps are a major tripping hazard. They are specifically dangerous for young children and senior citizens who can get hurt or severely injured. Grinding the stump is an essential safety measure to avoid stump-related accidents. If someone else suffers an injury due to the stump on your property, you can be held liable if they decide to make a claim. 

Stump can also make mowing the lawn difficult as you have to maneuver around it carefully. The mowing equipment can get damaged if it accidentally hits the tree stump. Removing it will make it easier to mow the lawn.

Prevent unwanted sprouts

Stump grinding prevents tree regrowth. If stumps are left behind, they sprout and regrow after a short time. These sprouts look unattractive, are unhealthy, and can harm other surrounding trees and plants by taking away nutrients from them. Stump grinding prevents the unwanted sprouts from popping up by speeding up the root decay process and preventing regrowth.

Improve the yard’s aesthetics

Another reason that makes grinding a tree stump worth it is improved curb appeal and property value. Stumps look unsightly and are an eyesore. They can make an otherwise maintained yard look unkempt. Removing tree stumps makes the yard visually appealing and dramatically improves the overall property look. 

Expand the landscaping options

A random tree stump in the middle of the yard limits its usage. Grinding the tree stump helps regain that space that you can use to build a pathway or gazebo, install a pool, add flower beds, or grow lush grass.

Stump grinding is a good decision whether you want to prevent pests, avoid potential injuries, or make the yard safer and more attractive. Contact a local tree removal service if you wish to get rid of one or more tree stumps from your property. Tree service professionals have ample experience grinding the tree stump safely and efficiently.


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